Your SEO optimized title Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

From the recording PTSD



Young man look inside/ask yourself who am I/oh you ready to ride/you better decide if you're ready to die/shit is getting real out here/young niggas getting killed out here/oh you think it's a game/you better stay in your lane/
this world is not for the weak at heart/let me be your spark/that voice in your head that tell you everything's gonna be alright/on your darkest night/when you think it's over/IT'S NOT!/There's a long journey to the top/no time to waste/Blvd!

Verse 1
I look inside and ask myself why am I here/the picture's vivid but I swear to God it's not clear/ it's just me on the Blvd with my niggas/drinking so much you'd think I need a new liver/I'm much sicker than any nigga that spit it/and any nigga can get it/cuz every niggas a victim, u get it/I ain't saying I'm racist/but I'm no longer patient/
waiting with my hand out in this white mans world/screaming I can't breathe with my hands up/while they give no fucks/that's just my luck/smoking on something potent keep me in the sky/unloyal bitch made niggas y'all can fuckin' die/I'm just saying, you need to be real/and if you ain't then tell me why the fuck you claiming you is/they steady faking hating acting like they be in the field/when it's war time we'll see who's keeping it real/
I don't write in diaries/I write entirely/to spark the mind of a child that lost his way/I’m smooth with my timing/I could never be late/I don't need your opinion just to know that I'm great/now what's at stake/my birthday cake/u put a hand on my plate then I punch your face/I told u motherfuckers I wouldn't stop till I'm rich/if you ain't helping then you're stressing/nigga stay off my dick

Verse 2
Bartender could you please pour some more in my cup/toast to moments with my demons when I once gave a fuck/now those days in the past I just fuckin laugh/thank you God for all the spirit that I never had/I keep it the realest/give a fuck if you feel it/if you love me you love me/if you hate me I get it/this the way it was written/I'm relaying it spitting/this is my life sentence/I wouldn't die any different/I'mma stand on my own two feet/I don't need another man to ever stand by me/this the Boulevard way on this Boulevard day/anybody disrespect it get their blvd sprayed/can't u see that I'm G and I OD/on every track that I be spazzing like I'm ODB/click click bang a shot at a popped nigga/for thinking he hot nigga/while dancing to Hot Nigga/I move around in silence all that talking is lame/too busy talking how you learning if you know everything/I might go insane to chase this fame/your opinion doesn't matter they don't know your name/that's a fact in the game I just give you the truth/every rhyme that I write every verse in the booth/people act a little different when you get ahead/you praying for a wife you'll probably get a hoe instead/keep your mind intact cuz knowledge is power/
I don't need a watch to know that I'm the man of the hour/I told you motherfuckers I wouldn't stop till I'm rich/
if you ain't helping then you stressing/nigga stay off my dick