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From the recording PTSD



Verse 1
I'm tryna demonstrate how you get your demons straight/a lotta niggas out here acting like they hella fake/I ain't one to judge/I'm just tryna help/And maybe teach you something you ain't know about yourself/get your mind right nigga don't fuck around/cuz life is short and these cops'll fuckin' gun you down/I already know my role I just play my part/you can call it soft/I call it being smart/incarcerations that sponsored by tax paying/my nigga what is you saying/I'm saying look at your wages/don't you think it's time for a change/30 years old still tryna gang bang/I'm just saying/that's your life it's not mine/it don't make you real cuz you did time/time is of the essence better watch it with close eye/ no lie/I think I'm more than a black guy/ blvd.

They say he getting money/ but I don't believe that nigga/
He say that he got hoes/ but I don't believe that nigga/
He say that he plug (oh you the man now aint ya) but I don't believe that nigga/
niggas tell you anything/ WHY?!/Cuz nowadays niggas believe everything/ open ya mind

Verse 2
My daughters'll forever be my riders/ switch siders/ hot damn I hate liars/I see ya got ya glock on ya hip/ you better be cool/ I think the law around the corner nigga/fuck with me then I fuck with you/ I reallydon't beef I'd rather keep it cool/ I like to shop at thrift shops/ I do not own a wrist watch/I rarely fuck with designers so fuck ya Gucci and Prada/ nigga/now let me go more realer/ cuz I'm that nigga/ smoke my swisher forget y'all niggas/
ya style is wack/ya sound is trash/ ya bitch is fat/ everybody in ya clique got clapped/Lord have a Christian say a prayer for him/he'll probably die on his knees before the next morning/make the best of worst days like Mondays and Thursdays/ hot damn nigga check the word play/that goes for my hip hop heads/ thinking cuz a nigga southern he can't rap like this/ I got the heart of a tiger/ blessed with the soul of Mandela/I really mean what I'm saying/when I be saying I'm better/so if you think that you clever/ my nigga hop in the booth/create a classic give me something I can rock out to/cuz I got that juice/squeezed from all of you fruits/you niggas think that you can/but you can't do what I does/make a hit a record/ don't chase records/I make a hit record/every time I hit record/no pressure fairly easy with mine/ I'm getting better with time/like every second I rhyme/so nigga get on ya grind/because we don't got time/these motherfuckers taking everything that's supposed to be mine/Taking everything that’s supposed to be mine. Blvd