Your SEO optimized title Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

From the recording PTSD



Riston Diggs(ASCAP)

I know this girl named Rita and Rita drive a beamer/Her motto fuck these niggas cuz her daddy was a cheater
She never look for love/she rather cherish lies/The truth in her vagina and she spread it every night/I say Rita you a lady/she say boy is you crazy/I’m a bad bitch and I can do this on a daily/She say fuck you pay me or I’mma tell your lady/Rita got her own I aint needing you to save me/I got my own crib/I can buy my own shit.
I get dollars from you ballers now you tell me who the pimp/Sucka ass niggas doing sucka ass shit/Spread her legs on the bed hope that nigga bust quick, cuz

Rita like to smoke, Rita like to drink
Rita bout her hustle give a fuck what niggas think
Rita pop a pill, Rita hit the coke
Rita aint ashamed she a let a nigga know (x2)

I met this girl named Stacy/ and Stacy was a lady/Stacy go to school and she study on a daily/But Stacy far from home/she really miss her nigga/She miss her momma cooking and her youngest baby sister/She holding it together/but college getting hard/Stressing bout a nigga dat don’t even got a job/I know how life goes/ but Stacy got it twisted/Knowledge is a hoe and girl you slipping on your pimping/I don’t need your advice why you worried bout me/You got to much to fix now why you tryna to fix me/Fuck that degree/and fuck what you think/Im going back home tell my momma save a plate. Cuz

Stacy trying to get her mind right (all night)
But stacy need a man in her life (that’s life)
Stacy hate being all alone (every night)
So Stacy quit school and went home (X2)

here I come momma UHHHHH!!!!! (X4)

Blvd story time. Chea