Your SEO optimized title Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

From the recording PTSD



Some people a tell you this the realest shit they ever wrote
Well I just thought of this shit while I was smoking the realest shit I ever smoked, Blvd what up

Verse 1
Star child with no smiles we lost soul
Smoking blunts with a bitch I barely even know
I’m trying to make it somewhere, I don’t quite know where
But when I find that place, I’m gonna cherish it
Imma hold and love it, make it feel special
Stand guard won’t nobody ever disrespect you
You can’t get me, I’m too far up
Ask my opinion I don’t give no fuck and that’s for real nigga
Say what’s the deal nigga
Oh you got a gun so now you think you real nigga
Real niggas do real things like raise their kids
No matter what the circumstance nigga that’s just it
I aint acting like I aint got my own problems
Addicted to the coke a whole lotta pills popping
Sometimes I feel lazy I don’t feel like working
Sometimes the pain comes and I don’t feel like hurting
I ask God why I feel like this, I God why he do that shit
Why you have to go and take my friend
She was only seventeen, she aint know no better
Now she gone forever
And my mom with the cancer in the center
My daddy dealing with his mental illness
Meanwhile I’m off in Cali smoking green with some bitches I aint ever even seen, Blvd What up

Chorus (x2)
Does it hurt inside, tell me does it hurt inside
Aaw damn
Loving when the feeling is gone
Say the pain never hit you this strong
Now gone and breathe nigga

Short days with long nights I love the dark
Trying to win a race and I don’t even know the start
I’m just looking for a spark in my mind state
Six blunts later got a nigga feeling half baked
I wanna wake up, I wanna stay up
I want a bad bitch with no make up
Is that too much to ask
Where’s the love in my life I can’t feel it
It’s getting realer getting bigger every single sentence
Can I live, nigga can I live
Can I have a crib and drive a new whip
I don’t know if you work hard I guess
But that’s only if you make it through the stress
Women claiming that they want a ring
But you slutting every time you on the scene
Fuck it go ahead and run that game
Lebron James gone and get your ring, Blvd What up

Chorus (x2)