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  1. Unbothered Goods

From the recording PTSD


What's an artist without a canvas to paint his picture? Think about it.
Blvd what up

Verse 1
When I was young all I wanted was to be the greatest/Not sure at what but average living wasn't good enough/
Follow your dreams/always be a leader/But who the fuck you leading if you're dreaming bruh/More money more problems/less talking more swallowing/For them niggas that hate it/smoke a blunt for their problems/
Take a look at my bitch/she artistic and thick/Yea I call her my muse/when I'm high off the fumes/New shirt new shoes/compliments of my stylist/Yeah I know that's off topic/I'm just paying him homage/Please don't fuck with my homie/or I'm catching a body/ain't no room in my lobby/Better get u a hobby

Can't you tell that I'm unbothered
I do this for my daughters and my mama, Blvd What Up
Can't you tell that I'm unbothered
I do this for my daughters and my mama, Blvd What Up

I swear this pain is amazing/
It's funny cuz you thought I wouldn't make it (blvd what up)
That's just the way that life is ain't it/
It's funny cuz you're thinking what I’m saying. (blvd what up)

Plenty times in my life I wanna let go/But what is letting go if you ain't never had shit/So I smoke another blunt/then I hit another line/I ain't ate in three days I been geeking/living in the dark but I see the world clearly/
since I had the Honda Civic sitting on them 20's/you wouldn't understand if you've never seen my city/young'ns catching bodies way before the age of 20/and you wonder why I laugh and think everything's funny/cuz life is bullshit and I really hate the fragrance/see this ain't bout you/this about me/the world doesn't stop when a nigga fall asleep/it just keep going/ keep going/ it keep on going/where's the money at that bitch told me that you holding/what's a dream to a God/what's a pawn to a king/what is rich if you're broke/what is blind if you see


Ending tag
Cuz you thinking what I’m saying (blvd what up)
Blvd what up
Cuz ya Cuz ya Cuz ya thinking what I’m saying (blvd what up)
Blvd What up