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From the recording Riston Diggs: The Second Coming


(Sly Intro)

Walk away
Tomorrow’s Gone
Before it gets here

Verse 1:
Tomorrow ain’t promised
So will I survive
What is the meaning of feelin alive
Eveytime I think I trip in my mind
Sending a message to watch it decline
I don’t know none of you hoes
I don’t know none of you niggas
Claim to be brother or sister
But you probably one that be pulling the trigger
That’s a fact cause we black
And we don’t know how to act
You know what be really wack
Killing other fucking black
You talkin to a G
Can’t you see
I got a lot of fucking problems
A lot of people hate you when you out here poppin
But that’s what it’s gotta be
Lotta niggas probably say they wanna stop us
Saddest part you coulda chose another option
But that’s how it’s gotta be
Frustrated are haters
Everyday I be greater
Doin all of my labor
Earning all of my paper

I pray that you straight
And you find just what you lookin for
Ain’t no time for no breaks
When you winning
Do not check the score

(Sly Outro)

It comes quick when tomorrow’s gone
before it gets here.

Tomorrow’s Gone

So don’t trip when tomorrows gone
before it gets here