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  1. Alright

From the recording Riston Diggs: The Second Coming


Verse 1:

(Alright) How I’m feeling tonight
I might walk on a girl and say we fucking tonight
I hope it’s (alright)
I know she feeling the love
She say buddy is you drunk
I say a little bit buzzed
But girl I’m (alright)
Everything is the truth
Yeah I know you think I’m fly
You see what confidence do
She say you
No more standing alone
Now it’s time to give a brother wha he want

I wanna see you twerk that ass
Until the time I’m leaving
Say the money made me do it
Tell em that’s your reason
If your body was a drug then you know I’m feening
Saw that ass from the front
Girl you know I’m peeking
I’m a sleezy ass nigga with a whole lot of spunk
You can call it like you see it
I’m whatever you want
Put your legs around my head and have that pussy for lunch
They say the sex much better when you don’t give a fuck
They say the sex much better when you’re doing it rough
Told my ex she gotta leave she wasn’t doing enough
I don’t need a good girl
I want to fuck with a slut
Cause you know us niggas got them bad habits
Claiming what we got
Way before we ever have it
Acting like we’re lavish
And we ain’t even average
Looking like the saddest
And feeling like the maddest
Nigga on the planet if you don’t let me have it

Verse 2:

She told me that I’m (algirht)
I think I ‘m feeling the drugs
Bouta call us up an uber
Get the fuck out this club
She said you (alright)
I said I’m heavenly fine
Tryna get you to the crib
And make that ass all mine
I hope that’s (alright)
Since you know what I want
Let me grip up on your booty
Give you all of this funk
She told me (alright)
So wet, So deep
I’m a dog
No chain
No leash

I’m about to work that back
Girl it ain’t no sleepin
Say you need a day off
Baby here’s your reason
Saw them legs start to shake
Girl why you feenin
They gon call the police by the way you screaming
I swear this night was meant to happen
Feet up to the ceiling on your back relaxing
I’ve neve had a problem where my sex was lacking
She say baby is it mine
I said girl you savage

You ain’t neve getting what is mine
You ain’t never put in with the time
Tell you that I love you then I’m lying
Girl I know you super duper fine
But it’s all below the waist line
I don’t wanna fuck with a chick like that
I just wanna fuck with a chick like that
Don’t wanna make you hate me
I know you thnk I’m crazy
But everything I’m saying
Is to save you on a daily if you listen to my music