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From the recording New Riston Diggs



A seagull, got sea in his name and it still ain't seafood, nothing makes sense, perspective.

Verse 1
Woke up with a headache I just had a long night, bitches kissing bitches but they say they're not dikes, I don't know what's going on this world is kinda crazy, always play your cards and don't you ever trust a maybe, most niggas is liars, I swear they be cheesy, I call it like I see it bitch don't give me a reason, you said you was my friend well I don't fuckin believe it, cuz these niggas switching up like weather change in the seasons, so I ain't fuckin witchu, you fuckin with me? If I need to borrow money you gon give it to me? (Hell Naw!) another missed call, fuck y'all, feeling down?, pop an adderall.

It don't look like that where I'm from, say they got guns but never done shot one, people so smart but lord they're so dumb, leaders of the mind my nigga you got one.
It don't look like that where I'm from, say they got guns but never done shot one, people so smart but lord they're so dumb, leaders of the mind my nigga lets have fun.

Verse 2
3 bong rips got me feeling alive, social media you fucking killing my vibe, you think you be the shit because you getting a like, I think I be the shit because I'm living my life, so I fight for what's right, while you pose for a like, if you scratch I'ma bite, why you dark when it's light, why you smile when I frown while my face in the ground, I was chilling with my nigga, we was only smoking medical.
Damn here she come on schedule another silly model bitch I'm really getting sick of this, you think that I'm a nigga that be stomping in his Jordans shooting hella shots but he ain't never fucking scoring, L.A.M.E, leaders and motivators everywhere, a black man flip flops I know that you're gonna stare, I do not give a fuck, I do not give a shit, a thousand on a belt, oh he must be rich, WHAT?!


Verse 3
Here's a message for you niggas that be hating ya crew, talking bout a nigga, we ain't worried bout you, acting Hollywood because you getting a name but if you stand us side by side, you see we nothing the same, I'm a fiend for this fame got no place in this game, I done watched I done learned I done been I done came, you a man you a G I'm just motherfuckin' me, don't hear when they talk, gotta watch when they speak cuz they're weak. Gotta play it how your cards dealt, I don't wanna get rich, I just wanna have wealth, I don't want a bad bitch, really, I just want a queen, fuck your television and your water down magazine, I don't even know why I read this shit, I ain't even rapping I'm just trying to vent, let the world know how I feel bout this, we all got a voice, can I talk my shit?!


Verse 4
Tune your ear in for a listen I got shit to say, why the fuck you buying clothes if you got bills to pay?! I really hate the fact that I be calling you dummy, but you broke like everyday like you be beefing with money, see a pig that's a pig and a bird that's a bird, you can act like a noun I'm gon act like a verb, I'm a factual nigga I don't preach telling lies, only speak from the soul give it truth with the vibe and I ride, cuz nigga I'm alive, rep the Blvd until the day a nigga die, soar through the sky, fly to the moon, fuck your reverends and blessings I'm smoking on potent fumes. What up?!

Damn right I'm rockin' flip flops, I'm living this life in comfort! You can walk this planet in any shoes you want but I'll be over here in flip flops, Blvd what up!